A 101 Guide On How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy| Socialinsider

A 101 Guide On How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy| Socialinsider

Just how important is video content in terms of your social media success, you ask?

In a word, “very.”

As we have all probably already observed, we live in a new era of marketing, where visually oriented content has rapidly spread thanks to its ability to easier hook the users.

And the experience offered to the communities online through video content is the most immersive one. Actually, it seems that 74% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than static imagery.

Which is something we noticed as well, when conducting our LinkedIn engagement study, for example.

For being more compelling and engaging, video content is king when it comes to content for social media these days.

But let’s be clear, drowning your audiences in videos moving forward is not the answer. What’s also important is to have a clear video marketing strategy of how and where you share your videos.

Which brings us to the topic of today’s article, how to successfully shape your video marketing strategy! Let’s get started!

Steps to cover when creating a video marketing strategy

  1. How to create a video marketing strategy
  1. What are the best-performing video content types on social media

How to create a video marketing strategy

Choose your social media video platforms

First things first, before jumping to video types, optimal lengths, and other stuff, as a marketer, you need to start thinking strategically.

There are plenty of video social media platforms available and struggling to create video content for all of them just for the sake of it, it is surely not the best idea.

Remember, in order to see results that your company can really benefit from, quality must always come before quantity.

Now, if we think about it, from those many social media platforms, there are some on which video content really detaches itself from the others, bringing great outcomes.

Think about Youtube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, just to name a few.

This chart shows how video content generates the highest amount of comments on Linkedin.

As a marketer, you need to be impartial, and not go with the ones that you love the most, but where your brand’s audience is. You have to know this is the secret behind every successful video campaign.

When creating your video marketing strategy and you have to choose the social media platforms you’ll post video content on, you also have to keep in mind your objectives.

On each social media network videos have different results, and while on others video content is great for engagement, on the others videos may be better paired with posts that have conversion goals.

As it is the case for Facebook, where it turned, according to our Facebook videos study, that videos are the type of content that is best to be used for conversions.

  • In your YouTube marketing efforts don’t forget to optimize for SEO

Some video social media platforms require a deeper optimization of your video content.

For example, if a big part of the video content you produced it’s meant to end up in your Youtube channel, well, it’s obvious why the need.

Youtube is nowadays the second largest search engine, which means, just like on Google, the keywords you use, will determine the visibility of your videos.

Select the video formats

When it comes to your social media videos you must take two things in consideration when creating your video marketing strategy: the content and the form in which you present it.

Sometimes, it is best to also take into consideration what format you will be uploading your video as; so that there wouldn’t be any error when you upload your videos. It’s just really fortunate that these days we already have tools that convert our videos into different formats.

Let’t break it down a bit. Assuming you may be thinking to produce some video testimonials, some Q&As, or some tips and tricks videos – which are all great types of content – how will you proceed after?

Here’s what I mean: even if you have certain specs and ratios for a video marketing platform, like, let’s say – YouTube, for other social media video platforms, other dimensions may work better.

If the landscape mode is every creator’s choice for YouTube, on Facebook and Instagram, for example, the best performing video format is the vertical type.

And this happens because nowadays more than 75% of all video views come from mobile devices.

This chart shows the evolution of video format over time for Facebook.

A common tactic that some brands use in order to optimize the budget invested into the creation of video content is to produce videos in the standard YouTube landscape mode and then repurpose those videos on the other social networks.

But remember when doing you reporting on video marketing performance that the same video cannot give you the same great results on all the social networks. Because the algorithms work differently.

That is why, if you want to gain engagement through your video marketing efforts, or views or conversions, or whatever your goal may be, you should adapt your video content strategy to what works best on each social platform.

Create different video content for every stage of the marketing funnel

The goal of every business is to make its customers convert. But, until reaching that point, a lot of things must be done, sometimes customers having a long and complicated buyer journey.

And your job, as a marketer, is to assist them through all the steps of that process, providing them the materials and information needed in every stage.

This is a visual representation of the stages of the marketing funnel.

Video emails, for excample, are a great marketing tool you can use with those customers that are on the consideration stage of the marketing funnel.

For being a personalized, one-to-one way of communication with your prospects, it’s important to make them feel special, while captivating their attention altogether.

And since customers these days seem to be easily hooked by this type of content, video emails seem to be the missing piece in your efforts of gaining competitive advantage.

Promote your videos

There are many ways in which you can promote your videos and integrating some into your website, or different blog articles, can be one of them.

For example, a video of a great and big social media campaign can easily be promoted through teasers posted in Instagram Stories. And let’s not forget the massive exposure Instagram Reels offer these days.

Thanks to its constant need of updates, Twitter is also a great platform on which you can consistently post your videos, promote your brand and product or services.

Also, according to our Facebook ads study, video feed is the ad placement with the lowest CPC, while having a pretty high click-through-rate.

So, if you’re also interested in doing some paid ads, you should consider investing in videos here as well.

Use analytics to measure your video’s performance

As a marketer, you must know by now how important numbers and certain metrics are.

Views, average watch time, video reach and engagement – these are all video metrics you want to keep an eye if you want to understand your video marketing strategy’s performance.

By understanding your video’s analytics you can discover which ones of your videos resonated with your audiences, and discover what can be improved in the future.

This is how youtube analytics appear for Socialinsider's account.

And while you’re at it, you can also take a peek at your competitor’s video performance.

Conducting regular competitive analysis may help you discover gaps in your video content’s strategy and identify profitable opportunities for your brand.

While the social media platform’s native analytics can only offer you insights about your video’s performance, third party analytics tools, like Socialinsider, can also put you up to date with your competitor’s video marketing strategy results.

What are the best-performing video content types on social media

I’ve mentioned earlier that a very important step is to know where your audience is and drive your video marketing efforts into that direction.

Now, because you can have multiple audiences, which means different platforms, it also means different messages, and approaches, since your target-group’s needs are different and they respond differently.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of different video formats, that in my experience, as a former social media manager performed best.

Video turorials

Did you know how-to videos are among the most popular types of video content?

The explanation is quite simple: because through video content people can quickly and easily learn about anything.

And that’s why, in most situations, when people have a question, they would rather watch a video to get the information they seek. Therefore, it’s absolutely in your best interest to make sure that video comes from you.

If you feel like you may start experimenting in that direction, but have to clue where to start, no worries, we have your back! Here’s how we do this kind of video at Socialinsider.

Tip: Remember you don’t have to worry about having polished content 24/7. People nowadays are looking for more authenticity in a brand. By having a more humanized approach, the chances of making people trust your brand will increase exponentially.

Video interview/Q&A

Usually, video interviews are no more than conversations involving a thought leader or an expert in your industry.

What is great about video interviews is that they are a chance for sharing your company’s values and aligning yourself with other influencers in your niche!

On Facebook, for example, brands seem to prefer this type of video content when doing a live stream.

And did you know on Facebook, live videos return double the engagement compared to pre-recorded videos?

This is a chart that shows the Facebook average engagement rate by live videos compared to pre-recorded ones.

We’ve discovered that on Facebook, live videos that last over one hour have a significant increase in engagement, from 0,25% to 0,46%. That’s why before going on air, it’s better to be well prepared.

Try to make a plan of the questions you’ll be asking and how you’ll drive the conversation from one topic to another.

This graphics shows which is the optimal video length for live videos on Facebook.

Behind the scenes videos

Oftenly packaged as Instagram stories or Youtube videos, the behind the scenes videos are also among the most loved types of video content.

This is because they are usually based on humor or deeper emotions, which triggers people more than anything.

Product videos/ Brand identity short videos

These types of videos rely a lot on storytelling.

Either you’re showcasing the launch of a new product, or you’re just creating a cutting-edge video to show your brand’s personality and journey, you must create a captivating story around it, that people will feed connected to.

If you’re announcing a new product or service release, and you hope to make your target group convert and buy, well, video content is certainly the best type of content to use for this purpose.

Here’s a thing that you must know about videos, especially if you’re doing Facebook advertising: as mentioned earlier, on Facebook video content has the highest CTR.

This is a chart showing the average ctr for Facebook videos.

In the case of a brand oriented video, you must know this type of video content can give your social media followers a sense of your organization’s value and goals.

A video’s well crafted story will once again allow your audiences to make a real connection with your brand.

Animation videos

Some brands are reluctant about using videos on a regular basis, since they think the cost for creating video content is huge.

This can be the case especially for smaller brands, that don’t have so much budget allocated for marketing purposes.

The good news is that animation videos require significantly smaller prices for production.

Actually, if you’re lucky to find some free video creation tools or paid ones that have a free plan, you won’t even have to pay a daim.

Therefore, with some basic skills of editing but a lot of imagination, you can enjoy the benefits of video marketing on a budget.

Oh, and another reason for which you should try this type of video content: it’s fun and easy to digest.

And these two characteristics are what online users are looking for nowadays.

Now we’ve cleared this out of the way, it’s time to start working on your video content strategy! Game on!

360 videos

At their first appearance, 360 videos totally wow-ed the online users, because of their possibility to view more than just a flat landscape, really entering the brand’s story.

What is awesome about 360 videos is that it offers an immersive experience.

And you have to remember a brand that’s bold, and offers new, whole experiences is a brand that will remain in the audience’s minds.

This is a great way of differentiating yourself from your competitors.

Testimonial videos

Taking a card from the old playbook of marketing, I must say the word of mouth technique should never, but never be overlooked.

Adapted to nowadays’ digital behaviour this translates into recommendations asked on Facebook, or some old school testimonials.

Video testimonials show your customers they can trust your brand, while answering their questions in a quick and catchy way.

As a brand You should absolutely take advantage of every opportunity to talk to one of your existing, satisfied customers and let them tell their story in their own words.

This type of video content is very helpful, as it will help new visitors understand your business better.

Final thoughts

Through video content you have an increased chance to create a genuine emotional connection with people in your target audience on social media.

Which in and of itself may be enough to get someone to come down off the fence and make a purchase.

Have you tried all these types of video content so far?

How did they work?

And do you think there are any other important forms of video content that needs to be incorporated in video marketing strategy?

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